Uganda Bukonzo Joint Co-op

Bukonzo Uganda

This coffee comes from the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Union (BJCU) Kithobira washing station in the Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda. Founded in 1999 as a rural micro-finance society, the co-op has evolved into a well-regarded organization of 5,500 farmer members with 20 micro-washing stations facilitating the production of high-quality washed coffees. The Specialty Coffee Association of America awarded BJCU the 2015 Sustainability Award not only for its excellent work in coffee, but also for efforts in equal participation of both men and women in the coffee value chain. Grown at elevations ranging from 1,400 to 2,200 meters and dried on covered raised beds, Uganda Bukonzo Joint Co-op offers notes of blackberry, brown sugar, and plum. Enjoy!

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