Guatemala Hunapu


Volcán de Agua, one of three volcanoes near the colonial city of Antigua, was originally named Hunapú (place of the flowers) until a destructive eruption in 1541. Many locals still refer to the volcano as Hunapú, and Beneficio Bella Vista decided to use that name for this very special coffee. Naming a coffee after an epic force of nature carries with it a lot of pressure, but the farmers that harvest the perfectly ripe, 100% Bourbon variety cherries have produced something worthy of such an impressive title. Grown at elevations from 1,500 to 1,800 meters above sea level and dried on patios under the Antigua sun, this full-bodied coffee delivers near-perfect, sweet-tart acidity that cuts through flavors of blood-orange, black cherry and Mayan cocoa. Enjoy!

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